Thanks to its continuous transformation, nature always shows unrepeatable images. One of the most rewarding gifts that the human being can enjoy is to gaze at beautiful pictures of nature.

Fortunately, many of these unique demonstrations have been captured by people that use to stay alert to the present moment and, in a quick picture, they had immortalized these wonderful creations. Mother Nature has the majestic and simple mission of continuously offer us extraordinaire views in order to remind us that beauty is a universal treasure.

1. Khangsar, Nepal

2. Eastern Screech Owl

3. Highlands of Scotland

4. Bernstorff Isofjord, Greenland

5. Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang Province, Vietnam

6. Blue-Taled Hummingbird landing on a Hibiscus flower, Aruba

7. Lake Moraine, Alberta, Canada

8. Tree-like rivers in Baja California Desert

9. The Wave at the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument (Arizona, Utah)

10. 144-Year-Old Wisteria In Japan

11. Svalbard

12. Baby Humpback Whale near Reunion Island

13. Moose in Snake River, Wyoming

14. Milford Sound, New Zealand

15. Green Lake, Tragöss Austria

16. Praying mantises in Kahramanmaras, Turkey

17. Flower in Laguna Hills, California

18. 800-pound chunk of ice on an Iceland beach

19. Snail in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

20. Florence, Italy

21. Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

22. Great-white Egrets, Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

23. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

24. Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park

25. Japanese Maple In Portland, Oregon

Japanese Maple In Portland, Oregon

Source: falcor88

26. Trillium Falls – Redwood National Park, California

27. Biei in Hokkaido, Japan

28. Madeira Island, Portugal

29. Te Waihou Walkway, Putaruru, New Zealand

30. Dark Hedges along Bregagh Road in Northern Ireland (Featured on Game of Thrones)

Dark Hedges along Bregagh Road in Northern Ireland

Source: christait

31. Rosy Maple Moth, Clarksburg, Maryland

32. Turtle in Tikehau Island, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia