Dutch Journalist forgets he has other tabs open…

Almost vintage 3rd tab screenshot

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So a little background before you will be rolling on the floor laughing!

Dutch journalist Paul Onkenhout writes for “De Volkskrant” – one of the biggest newspapers in The Netherlands. Paul posted a screenshot on Twitter where he wanted to make fun of another big Dutch newspaper (Algemeen dagblad). Algemeen dagblad had to post a rectification, Paul wanted to point out how stupid they were! (HA!)

While most people glanced over the screenshot, some attentive followers took a look at some of the other tabs he had open!
Our beloved Paul was probably working from home when he wrote this article… as suggests his 3rd open tab. called “Almost Vintage C*mshot Compilation” (SAY WHAT?!) – click image for the original post

Almost vintage 3rd tab screenshot

As you can imagine, this quickly went viral on Twitter (and outside, it even reached the newspapers again). I think Paul will have some things to explain to his boss…

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