Two emu chicks joined the Wild Action Zoo’s family recently. Edi and Eli had a very warming reception at their new home. This eight-month-old kangaroo named Reuben welcomed the two emu chicks.


These cuties are Darren and Phillip, two Staffordshire Bull Terriers from Brisbane, Australia with awesome personalities. They love to wear dog clothes and pose for pictures.


Siena is a lovely three-year-old girl that has an inseparable friend named “Buddha”. Buddha has been two years with the family and he loves being with Siena.


The following illustrations were created by London based animator and illustrator Steve Cutts. He creates videos and illustrations that criticize contemporary lifestyle – he says that insanity of society is an inexhaustible pool of motivation.


Abby Lee and Matt Kay, a young couple from Australia, were facing the same exact issue with their families as everybody else: they won’t quit hurrying them to have children!


Japanese artist Shinji Nakaba is a jewelry designer in Tokyo who converts tiny pearls into miniature skulls to wear as ornaments. People engaged in both art and fashion follow his inventions all over the world.


Even though we are used to think of polar bears in their cold environment, they also enjoy summer and the flowers that come with it. Dennis Fast, a Canadian photographer, discovered a polar bear playing with small purple flowers in Canada.


I guess getting trapped in a bush might occur to anybody. However, only a Shiba Inu can get stuck and keep that adorable smile.


This unique alder wood cabinet crafted in a form of a beetle by Latvian artist Janis Straupe is certainly a sculpture with a purpose.


Paddington the Shar Pei and Butler the cat are best friends ever. The adorable dog, frequently in a costume, quietly stays next to his cat buddy, dealing with her feline antics.


South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee takes advantage of natural resources such as wood to design large-scale, sculptural works of art.


Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen captured these amazing photographs of a female grey wolf and male brown bear spending a lot of time together and sharing food with each other.

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