Photographer Phoo Chan managed to capture an amazing sequence of pictures of a crow landing and then riding on the back of a bald eagle mid-flight.


Here are 25 funny illustrations showing how things have drastically changed with the past of time.


Turbo the corgi had no idea that was a turtle in front of him. Watch his reaction after the turtle moved.


Anuko the Siberian husky wasn’t amazed at the time owner Jasmine Milton attempted to trick him with a fake throw.


Making use of dry and delicate leaves as a medium for fine crocheting could be extremely difficult, yet Susanna Bauer in some way handles it with no trouble.


Artist Stefan Siverud has been enhancing snails’ shells with vibrant, attractive patterns for his project called Snailpimp.


This pit bull named Queso is terrified of walking into any room, but he found a great way to overcome his fears.


Photographer Elke Vogelsang (a.k.a. “Wieselblitz”) takes vibrant photographs of her three dogs to catch the heart and soul of their energetic personalities.


Professional dance photographer Alexander Yakovlev creates his photographs of expert dancers by including energetic components such as exploding flour.


Two goldies fight for a tennis ball until a third one comes to put end to the madness.


Russian artist Alvia Alcedo makes gorgeous miniature paintings of dragons and other creatures on natural stones to create beautiful necklaces.


After practicing this trick for approximately 2 years, Ozzy the dog has finally done it!

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