It’s generally true that people at some point find themselves looking similar to their pets.


There are 4,976 types of minerals in the world, but the ones listed below definitely stand out from the rest.


Photographer and art director Adrian Alarcon grew a beard for 4 months for his newest work called “Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop”.


If you have a large dog, you already know they can be totally oblivious of their size.


Italian artist Alberto Seveso drops small portions of different inks into water, shooting the natural patterns that occur with a high-speed photographic camera. The outcome is spectacular.


Cats consistently impress us with their dedication to squeeze into small places, but the kitties in these pictures are the very best.


Generally doors are sadly boring, but they don’t need to be; they might as well work as thoughtful designs of gateways between worlds or between diverse elements of our existences.


Photographer Lara Jo Regan portrays dogs’ goofy enthusiasm in her wonderful collection that was turned into a book named Dogs in Cars.


The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre in eastern Australia takes in newborn bats (which they refer to as ‘pups’) in the event their moms have passed away.


It’s simple to think about blindness as a disability that will conclude an artist’s profession, but in John Bramblitt’s situation, his blindness was in fact what initiated his journey as an artist.


These marvelous photographs seem to display two Huskies ignoring the principles of physics to walk on water.


Hawaii based glass artists Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma have a wonderful ability to capture the energy and movements of the ocean.

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