daniel reeve calligraphy

Did you ever questioned yourself who created that fascinating writing/lettering in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies?

inappropriate food names

These food product names are completely inappropriate, but they will surely make you laugh.


Mind-twisting optical illusion paintings by Rob Gonsalves.


When this dog saw his owner submerged in the lake, he didn’t waste a second.

funny sitting cat

21 hilarious pictures of cats sitting just like a human.


Don’t you wish your dog could talk? This dog wants a kitty so bad!

dog and girl bucket list

When Lauren found out that her best friend, a 160-pound English Mastiff, had only a few months left, she decided to do something special.

kids and parents pictures

A lot of people look like their parents, which makes sense, because that’s how genetics work. But some kids look completely identical to their parents, especially when their parents were their age.

Jose Mujica, Lucia Topolansky

This man was in need of a ride home when something unexpected, and really cool, happened.


I never thought that I would appreciate so much the art of making a collage until I stumbled across Luke Robson’s artworks.

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