Here are 17 very bad cats hilariously fessing up to their crimes.


These street artworks only appear when it rains to make people smile on rainy days.


Energetic mother plays with her seven adorable husky puppies. Awwwwwww!


Italian artist Alessandro Diddi creates smart pencil drawings that, when seen from a certain viewpoint, seem to pop out of the paper in 3D.


Here are some awesome animal, as well as human, moments to brighten your day.


This artist creates these terrifying drawings of monsters that although they are incredibly creative, they seem to have emerged from the worst of nightmares.


The exquisiteness of his artistic approach appears to look for the ideal picture, as if he was trying to find the essence within every single one.


Jack Storms artworks are just like the perfect creations of nature. And the process to complete even one glass design, sculpted to precision, takes him many weeks of hard work.


Californian animal photographer Alícia Rius analyzes the mesmerizing shapes of the hairless feline, taking pictures of the puzzling relationship of beauty and uniqueness natural in every single cat physique.


Kate Louise Powell is a rising artist from West Yorkshire, UK, who creates marvelous drawings that combine elements of nature and human figures.


With a fascinating sense of depth perception, these paintings by 1010 have a class of their own.

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