Pip weighs around 1 pound and is below 4 inches tall, which makes her owner believe that she might possibly be the tiniest pug on earth.


Ukranian artist Anna Dovgan creates really amazing and adorable wool items such as animals, arthropods, and food.


Watch this beautiful bird taking a bath in the hands of its owner. So sweet!


These artworks were created by papercutting artist Suzy Taylor. All Suzy’s papercuts are hand-drawn, then carefully cut with a blade from a sole piece of paper.


Ceramic sculptor Jennifer McCurdy creates nature-inspired porcelain sculptures that seem to glow from within.


Hypnotizing 60-second time-lapse reveals the initial 3 weeks of a bee’s existence in exceptional detail.


In her project called “Breaking The Ties That Blind”, UK-based artist Kate Evans created a series of drawings about the victims of narcissistic parents.


German scientist Christian Lukhaup have just found out what could be the prettiest crayfish on the planet.


Take a close look at these adorable giraffes napping, since you will not likely find a giraffe sleeping.


In her project called Mandala Stones, Australian artist Elspeth McLean gathers gorgeous seaside rocks and employs them as her canvas to make extremely vibrant and detailed artworks.


Watch what he does with his front legs. So cute!

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