Mariposa de Mar

The ancient bas-reliefs of Al-Andaluz culture rise with new life and color in these artworks by Miguel F. Valdivieso (Valdif).

underwater puppies

Photographer Seth Casteel, author of the national bestseller Underwater Dogs, recently released a new series of underwater dog photography onto a book called Underwater Puppies. The photos are so cute and irresistible that you will certainly fall in love with these puppies.

controversial illustration

Spanish illustrator Luis Quiles created this set of powerful images that reflect everything that is wrong with our society. Through his artworks, Luis reflects topics like sexism, homophobia, exploitation and violence.


The world is full of incredibly beautiful animals. Unfortunately, the hybrid animals you see below don’t belong to this world. But we can imagine they existed, because they are very cool.

recycled sculptures Carriage Horse

Sculptor Barbara Franc is one of those persons who is making a great contribution to the planet we live in. She is not only recovering discarded or recycled materials, but she also has the talent to transform them into amazing pieces of art.


Two minutes of glorious dogs shaking their heads in slow motion.


This set of marvelous macro pictures show delicate insects sitting atop tiny raindrops in the morning dew.

body painting black light

Spectacular images of nature combined with the beauty of the female body are the essence of this beautiful project where landscapes are painted on women’s back using fluorescent colors and then photographed under black light.

street art Urban Camouflage

Figurative art is the opposite of abstract art. While abstract art gets away from the ideal and faithful reproduction of the natural world, figurative art tends to represent recognizable objects or images by trying to distort, idealize or intensify its aspects.

Minjae Lee Cover

Minjae Lee (aka GrenoMJ) is a self-instructed Korean artist who started drawing since he was a kid. His artworks are usually colorful portraits of women blended with illustrations of nature.

Aurora Robson

The beauty of art is that it can be made from anything. Because of their creative minds, artists can transform the most unusual objects into incredible artworks. And sometimes, art is not only beautiful, but contributes to an important cause, like it is the health of our planet.

ikebana arrangements

Ikebana is more than a beautiful floral arrangement. It is a direct link that connects humans with nature. It is like a simple and imperfect bridge that integrates life and death. The ephemeral nature of its composition is itself a reflection on the passage of time.

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