Horror Stories

In the history of literature, crime fiction has always been the most popular genre. The majority of best-sellers are influenced by a true story narrating a chilling event. But writers, in general, are the artists who receive less pay for their work. Perhaps there arises the idea that all of them end up crazy or maniacs.

Elephant Shaped Stone

Suiseki (viewing stones) is the art of collecting, studying or exhibiting stones with a high power of suggestion, since they represent different fragments of nature (landscape, person, animal or thing)

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Dog inside water bucket

It certainly can get very hot during summer. But these animals did not stand idly. They graciously found a way to beat the heat. #13 is my favorite.

Best Pool in the World

We are not entirely sure who made this list, and how they counted it, but we do know that every picture here deserves to be seen and deserves to be

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Blue Moon

Some pictures of the blue moon 2012 & 2013, how it looked like or how it could have looked like!  

Beautiful Nature Pictures Grasshopper

Hereby some random but beautiful pictures of nature.

Area 51

Some pictures of Area51, some known, some less known

Edward Mordake 2 Faces

Edward Mordake lived in the 19th century and had, supposedly, an extra face attached to the back of his head. This head didn’t speak or eat, but it could laugh

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Saving the world must be hard enough, but doing it in just your underwear surely makes it even tougher? I mean it’ll be cold and you’re going get a lot

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